Mortgage Servicing Fraud And A Forced Foreclosure – Are You A Victim?

Fraud happens even when you have gone through a reliable mortgage broker. Unfortunately, this is something which causes trouble for thousands of people all over the world and it is such a serious problem. The worst part is very few people actually realize they are a victim of fraud until they lose everything, including their home. So, are you a victim and, if so, what can you do?

Ask The Mortgage Lender To See Your Original Mortgage Note

It doesn’t matter if you have gone through a mortgage broker to find a mortgage or gone straight to a lender, you must find out if you have been a victim. The way in which you can do this is to go to your lender and ask to see all of the legal and all the original documents, so that you can go through them and find out the truth. You can of course get a lawyer or attorney to help you at this part just in case you aren’t too sure about how to spot fraud.

What To Do If You Believe You Are A Victim Of Fraud?

First thing first, you need to talk to someone who knows all about this. Your best bet is to talk to an attorney who specializes in fraud, particularly mortgage fraud. Now, you might be surprised to hear this but mortgage fraud is quite a common problem and one which is causing more people distress. You are probably best to ask an attorney or lawyer for help because usually they know what to look for and how to take the necessary steps to protect you from further legal issues. Don’t panic just yet, you may be extremely worried but the worst thing you can do is panic because you need to get things straightened out quickly. You may even need to consult your mortgage broker Melbourne again.

Talk To Your Mortgage Broker Melbourne

You may also benefit from speaking to your original broker if you went through one or get the attorney to talk to them. Usually a mortgage broker will only be too happy to help so don’t be afraid to pass on their information to your lawyer. They may also be able to help tell the lawyer information that could be helpful for you later on.

Make A Police Report

You might not think there is much you can do once you have been a victim of fraud but there are some steps to help prevent the situation from getting worse. You and your attorney should head over to the police station and make a full and frank report. This can and will be very important when it comes to stopping a foreclosure and losing your entire credit history. If your mortgage broker Melbourne knows something useful they can go along to the police station and make a report also.

Fight Back

When you have been the victim of fraud you need to do what is within the legal limits of the law to be compensated for this injustice. This isn’t just happening to you, it is happening to thousands of people and you need to ensure no one else becomes a victim. Get help from a reputable lawyer and hopefully the authorities will be able to straighten this matter out. Hopefully your mortgage broker may be able to lend a hand in these matters.

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